Contemporary music

Some of the contemporary composers that I have interpreted:
Bacri, Bedrossian, Blondeau, Campo, Cattaneo, Cavanna, Crumb, de Pablo, Donatoni, Dutilleux, Durieux, Dusapin, Fedele, François, Giraud, Giuliano, Greif, Grisey, Guinjoan, Haddad, Hertz, Hervé, Kagel, Kurtag, Lanza, Leroux, Lopez, Lopez Lopez, Lygeti, Mantovani, Markeas, Martin, Martinez Izquierdo, Meffano, Messiaen, Ott, Rebotier, Roque-Alsina, Saariaho, Sanchez Verdu, Sciarrino, Smolka, Strasnoy, Stroe, Takemitsu, Tanada, Torre, Xu Yi, Yun……………….

Some of the recordings that I have made:
. Greif, Letters from Westerborg (with Alexis Galpérine and Doris Lamprecht)
. Bacri, Sonata for Two Violins (commission and production) with François Payet-Labonne
. Hervé, ''En découverte'' with Lyonel Schmitt (Ensemble Sillage)

Some of the productions that I have been involved with (outside 2e2m)
. Dusapin, Trio with Piano with Alain Planès and Emmanuel Bleuse
. Bacri, Sonato for 2 Violins with François Payet Labonne
. Martin, Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano with Véronique Fèvre and Véronique Briel
. Double Aria for Solo Violin – premiered in New York (choreography by Benjamin Millepied)

Having resisted contemporary music for a long while, with the passing of time I have come to see what a privilege it is to work with a living composer and just how important it is to defend these artists of our times.

It is thanks to the 2e2m Ensemble and it’s artistic director Pierre Roullier that in 1999 I joined this ensemble that was created by Paul Mefano in 1972.  From Laurent Martin to Isang Yun, Luc Hervé to Aureliano Cattaneo, Paul Mefano, Bernard Cavanna, Francesco Donatoni and many others, I have had the opportunity to play a great many works, of which a majority of compositions more often than not have been in collaboration with their composers.  The ensemble led me to discover a multitude of aesthetics, and it is with an open-mind that I today approach all genres of music.
I also have the chance to work with other contemporary ensembles: BCN216 founded by Ernest Martinez Izquierdo and based in Barcelona, Sillages, TM+…

As director of two festivals, I attach great importance to promoting contemporary classical music.  I have commissioned works from composers such as Nicolas Bacri, Laurent Martin, Bernard Cavanna and Oscar Strasnoy and invited them as artists in residence.

I strive equally to give young people – whether they be musicians or not – an idea of what is being composed today, so they can see that a composer of classical music is not necessarily , as Nicolas Bacri said ‘Viennese and dead for over 150 years…..”

© Eric Crambes