My violin: An 1821 Nicolas Lupot

The first good violin that I owned was a Johannes Cuypers; a few years later a rich Swiss architect lent me a magnificent Guadagnini.  I was lucky to have the opportunity to play this instrument for some years.
In 1990, the Lyon Entreprises Virtuoses, which financed my studies, offered to get a violin for me.  I found in London, at J&A Beare, the violin of my dreams:  a magnificent Nicolas Lupot, dating from 1821, which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful examples of a French stringed instrument. 
A few years later I bought this violin from the association.
For the last ten years it has been maintained, adjusted and repaired by Pierre Caradot.
Pierre Caradot
50, rue de Rome - 75008 Paris - France
Tel : (0033) (0)1 45 22 10 49

My Bows:  Nicolas Maire,  Augagneur Bergeron, Berg

Having played a Sartory for many years, I now own a fabulous Nicolas Maire.  I also play with an Augagneur/Bergeron and on the rare occasion with a carbon bow from Berg (Bloomington) which I acquired in 1986. 
Arthur's atelier upkeeps and rehairs my bows. 

Arthur Dubroca
3, rue de Truffaut - 75017 Paris - France
Tél :  (0033)  (0) 1 55 06 12 01

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