''(…)  Eric Crambes works with the passion of his youth and the excellence of his talent. Bringing togethor for this occasion the functions of interpretor and ''great organiser of all'- this high flying violinist from the New York Juilliard School-  employs a rigor and charisma which holds togethor this enterprise.''  
RESMUSICA (on the Arcs festival - August 2008)

''Who is the best violinist in the world?''.  ''Me'', replies Eric Crambes without batting an eyelid''
LE DAUPHINE LIBERE (on the Opus festival- March 2006)

''Eric Crambes (…) carries out his little pieces full of charm with a mastery, an expertise and a sense of colour in exactly the right shade.''
RESMUSICA (on the recording of the Batok duets- November 2006)

''A calm virtuoso who doesn't carry the stigmas of a prodigy...Don't miss him.''

"Eric Crambes is another former resident of Planet Juilliard. A charming French violinist and a native of Lyon, Mr. Crambes studied at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Britain as a child and then with the teacher Tibor Vargas, living at his home in Switzerland. Ready for a change at 17, he broke away from Mr. Vargas and came to Juilliard.
Since graduating, he has moved smoothly into a flourishing career. He has forged a role as a fill-in concertmaster with respected European orchestras, and he commissions pieces, directs a music festival and plays as a soloist with dancers from the New York City Ballet. "I don't want to label myself," he said. "I have a very large spectrum of activities, and I like it that way."

''The eloquent violin solo - the marvelous Eric Crambes – who reduced the assembled crowd to silence...''  (about Bernard Cavanna's 'a messe' given to Radio France- October 2008)

''This young violinist has everything going for him. One can find dozens of Virtuosos at this technical level on the international scene.  But, it is much more rare to find such maturity in such a young player.  With Eric Crambes there are no special effects nor showiness.  This musician has something to say through the music that he interprets.''

''The Frenchman Eric Crambes (…) hasn't chosen the easy option.  Ysaye's Sonata N°2 is interpreted  masterfully and intelligently...He distinguishes himself by his spirit, his passion, his incisive bow and a remarkable musicality in Schumann's Sonata N°1 .''

''An impressive discovery..."

''A musician of high caliber that we must not lose sight of...His excellent technical capability, the seriousness of his work as regards style and expression and a very sensitive art of interpretation promises him a bright future.''

''...Impervious to all that is going on around, the duo Crambes Rogacey delighted the public in the Maurice Ravel auditorium for whom the music is both a pleasure and a spiritual enrichment...with the emotional spark that reveals the precocious maturity of our two artists.  A very enjoyable musical moment.'' 

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